Dictionar roman – englez pentru localitatile din Romania


Adunatii Copaceni – Gathered Tree People,
Afumati – Neversober,
Baicoi – Youball,
Buhusi – Boo,
Buzau – Really Fat Lip,
Calarasi – Silly-dressed Folks on Horses,
Ciorogarla – Nigger-River,
Constanta – The Steadiness,
Dor Marunt – Miniature Melancholy,
Husi – Shoo,
Navodari – Networkers,
Onesti – The Sincere,
Pitesti – Youdohide,
Satu-Mare – The Rather Roomy Rural Community,
Slatina – Slut Tina,
Slobozia – A Very Wrong Local Tradition,
Târgu Frumos – The Aesthetically Pleasing Bazaar,
Urlati – Gimme Some Noise,
Voluntari – Town of Unpaid Assistants
Luate de pe buburuza.net. As adauga:

Baraolt – The town that blocks the river Olt
Costinesti – Expensive City
Crevedia – Shrimp Town
Curtea de Arges – The Yard of the river Arges
Rosiorii de Vede – Funny dressed Cavalry Soldiers of the river Vedea
Sulina – Spear City


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